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A King For Christmas FREE Ticket Challenge

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How well do you know the King?

Answer all of the questions correctly and you will be placed into a drawing for 4 free tickets at our upcoming A King For Christmas hosted by The Prestige Banquet Hall on December 14th, 2019. View Event >

    What year and date was Elvis Presley born?

    What was Elvis's first hit record?

    In what Film did Elvis Presley appear in where his debut song "Can't help falling in love" was featured?

    What branch of the Military was Elvis Presley in?

    What year did Elvis Presley pass away?

    What was Elvis Presley's favorite food?

    What was Elvis Presley's first gold record?

    What was Elvis's Daughter's name that he also name his aircraft after?

    What was name of Elvis's first and only wife?

    What was name of Elvis's exotic pet?

    What did the initials stand for of "TCB" that he was known to give his team rings bearing these initials?

    What was Elvis's Twin Brother name?