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Easy tips that may help you go green for your next event.

Do you think “going green” for your event is too much work? Think again.

Hosting an eco-friendly wedding or party can be easy and can even end up saving you money in the end. Our tips and tricks are a fresh, unique, and affordable way to go green for your upcoming wedding or event.


Invite your guests using online invitations

The first step to hosting an event is inviting your guests. A tedious task with addressing, stamping, and sending out the hundreds of invites can be daunting and use a great deal of paper and money. Utilizing Google Forms, Survey Monkey, and Survey Planet is a unique way to invite your guests without the use of paper and ink. Also, these forms of invites make RSVPing a breeze – you can see quickly who is coming without balancing mailed in responses.


Avoiding plastic can add chicness and savings to your event

Plastic utensils and plates are commonly found at weddings and parties. Using plastic can overshadow the overall look you are trying to achieve for your special day as it can appear cheap or low quality. In addition, the amount of waste using plastic creates is harmful to the environment. Utilizing paper plates can be an eco-friendly option for your green event or using what The Prestige offers as far as elegant utensils and dinnerware.


Potted plants are the perfect way to freshen up your centerpieces

Succulents are the perfect centerpiece that add a fresh, unique look to your tables. Instead of using tall, overbearing light fixtures or vases, succulents and potted plants can add a pleasant smell and pop of color to the tabletops. Fresh plants and succulents can be a wonderful party favor that will prove to be that perfect reminder of your special event.


Vintage dresses hold such sentiment and beauty while being an efficient way to go green

You are probably curious as to how wearing a passed-down or secondhand dress would be considered going green. You are recycling a beautiful dress without the insane costs of buying a new one. This tip is more about saving your green as wedding dresses tend to run thousands of dollars with alterations and fees. Additionally, wearing a passed-down dress can hold sentimental meaning to you and even start or continue a family tradition. Whether wearing the dress or using parts and pieces such as the veil or train, wearing a vintage dress is an eco-friendly and money-conscious choice. Having a tough time tracking down a vintage dress? There are many websites and organizations that can assist. Nearly Newlywed and Brides for a Cause are convenient options for finding the perfect secondhand dress.


Use décor that you can repurpose

From ceremony backdrops to photo backgrounds, repurposing what you have is an easy and efficient way to make your event eco-friendlier. Does your ceremony feature a gorgeous arch? Once the reception begins, move the arch over and make it a photo backdrop for guests to take pictures with. Are you in search of cute tabletop décor? Purchase items you can take with you after and use within your home for sentimental, repurposed décor. Reusing pieces throughout the ceremony and reception will also help keep your theme consistent and memorable.